Charging Station with Qi

Please ensure you have all of the following included in your package:

     1) 5 Device Charging Station

     2) 2 Lightning Short Cables

     3) 1 Micro-USB Short Cable

     4) 1 USB Type-C Short Cable

     5) 5 plastic dividers

     6) 1.5M AC outlet connection cable

If you are missing any of these items, please reach out to, and we will be sure to send you a replacement unit.



Once you have confirmed that you have all the included components:

     1) Gently, but firmly push the 5 plastic dividers into the open slots on the top of the charger

     2) Plug the AC outlet connection cord into a 100V-240V outlet

     3) Make sure the power button is pressed in (on the back of the device, next to where you plugged in the AC outlet). See Image Below


     4) Start charing your devices! You should see the plastic divider illuminate with a blue light on any port that has a device actively charging


To use the Qi Wireless Pad:

Simply place any Qi enabled device onto the wireless pad (where the icon representing 3 half circles is present), and center your device over this icon. The wireless charge will work through most cases. If your phone has a very thick case, it may need to be removed

USB Type-C is a new charging technology that enables 20% faster charging than traditional USB. If you have a device that is charged with USB Type-C (excluding large devices like laptops that require a strong current from a wall charger) use the port titled “Type C.” A male-male Type-C cord has been included for convenience

Protection For Your Electronics

Not every devices charges as the same rate. Many chargers send the same current to any device, potentially over-charging and damaging, or slowly under-charging your device

Smart IC Chipset Technology

The Smart IC chipset detects the proper charging protocol for your device, and delivers the fastest, safest charge that your device was designed to take

How do I know my device is charging?

– When your device is detected and the charge beings, the respective plastic divider for that port will illuminate with a blue light

Will the Qi wireless pad deliver a charge through my phone’s case?

– For all the cases we tested, the charge works with no compromises to efficiency or effectiveness of the charge. Very thick cases may need to be removed

Do I need to use only the cables included with the product?

– No, these short cables are included for convenience and organization of your workstation or nightstand. Any normal USB charging cables for your devices will work just fine with the charger.

Make sure to press power button after plugging in AC cord, before trying to charge any of your devices

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