8GB Voice Activated Digital Recorder

Brandon Burns WOW_1

Please make sure you have received all of the following in your package:

   1) Digital Voice Recorder

   2) Micro-USB Charging/Connecting Cord

   3) Headphones

   4) Quick Start Guide

Turning on the Recorder:

   – Find the switch on the left side of the device, and press UP for one second until you see “Welcome” on the LCD screen. 


   – To create a recording, press the same switch DOWN, it will remain in the down position, and you will see “Please wait…” on the screen. When you see the blue light above      the LCD screen illuminate, the device is recording. To save the recording, press the switch back up to the middle position. The screen should read “Saved!”

To access a recording, navigate to “Recordings/Recording Library.” Recordings is on the main list of options, with a microphone icon underneath the title. Quickly press the “Play” button on the right side of the device to play the recording. Press the “ESC” button on the bottom, right side of the device to return to the list of recordings.

To delete a recording, first navigate to the recording file (explained above in “Access Recordings.”). Instead of pressing the “Play” button, hold it for one second. This will bring up the option to “Delete” the recording. Quickly press the play button to bring up the confirmation screen, select “YES”, and then press “Play” once more to confirm. Your recording is now deleted.

To turn on Voice Activated Mode:

   1) Find Recordings in the Menu

   2) Select Recording Settings

   3) Scroll down to AVR Switch

   4) Select AVR Mode

   5) Initiate a recording by pull down the switch on the left side of the device, and just as a normal recording you will see the blue light above the LCD screen. The recording
   will now automatically stop and start when it detects sound or silence. When you would like to stop, press the switch to the middle position as with a normal recording.
   You will now have one audio file with all of the automatically detected sound snippets stitched together. The downtime will be automatically removed (i.e. if there was a
   5 minute pause in talking/sound, it will only be a few seconds in the file.

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