21-Watt Foldable Solar Charger

Please make sure you have received all of the following in your package:

   1) 21-Watt Solar Charger

   2) Micro-USB Charging Cord

   3) 2 Carabiners

   4) Quick Start Guide

   5) Instruction Manual

Strong, Direct Sunlight Required

The solar charger depends directly on the sun for it’s power, therefore, the power that will be drawn from the charger has a direct correlation with the quality of sunlight that it is receiving. The charger will be less effective on overcast days, and will not work at night.

Keep Panels Clear of Obstructions

For optimal charging, please ensure that you do not have anything on top of, or blocking the solar panels while attempting to charge. Angle the charge as much as you can toward the source of the sunlight.

No Batteries

The charger does not have any built-in batteries of lithium components, and therefore is extremely safe to use. 

Water Resistant

While the panels themselves have a hard plastic covering them, and can be exposed to light water and rain, please ensure that the internal USB interface is not exposed to water, as this is not waterproof, and there should never be water near an electronic connection point, and this is where your charging cables will be plugged in.

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